Saturday, January 21, 2012

Introducing: Stuff found in old books

Part of Malleable Boy used to catalog the various items I have found while rummaging through old books over the past 800 years.

 This initial installment features several pieces found tucked in the pages of a Catholic prayer book from the 1920s.       

This is a receipt for a women's clothing store from 1959.

   The reverse side of the receipt features a delightful customer's note on the store's poor shipping service.
"Thanks for the lousy service. I placed an order in Nov. & received it in Jan. I shouldn't have accepted the merchandise but I'll certainly not recommend you to anyone"

Here are the other items found in the same book:

A newspaper clipping for train tickets.

A handwritten note on the meaning of Noel.

And, lastly, a page from a pocket calendar dated February 27, 1958.

 trephine: A surgical instrument having circular, sawlike edges, used to cut out disks of bone, usually from the skull.

 iridectomy: Surgical removal of part of the iris of the eye.

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